Careers at Impact

Sales Manager, Indianapolis, IN


I enjoy working hard for Impact every day because this company has helped make me who I am today. The fairness of the Executives, career opportunities available, the cohesiveness of staff members, and earning potential gets me excited about working harder and more diligently than most. From day one I was not only made aware exactly what was expected of me and how to succeed, but I was given the tools and guidance. I came to Impact in high school as an entry level warehouse staff member. I worked over my summers and winter-breaks through high school and college, and began working in sales full-time upon graduation. I got promoted as my skills and performance improved. I feel fortunate that I have the opportunity to work with my sales reps who are meeting with business executives to design custom solutions assisting with corporate initiatives ranging from cost cutting strategies to streamlining business processes. If you are willing to put forth the effort Impact will give you the resources and direction to become sales professional.

Strategic Services General Manager, Lake Forest, IL


I began my career with Impact shortly after I graduated from Bradley University. My entry level position as a Professional Services Support person prepared me with baseline knowledge and spurred my professional development. Since then, I have had 3 other positions within the company, each time growing and developing over the last 7 years. What began as a support position, turned into Document Printing Sales, and then into becoming a General Manager and overseeing our entire Strategic Services group. Impact has provided a stable, growing career with great success and rewards. We have traveled to Mexico, Scottsdale, Ontario, Las Vegas, and many other destinations to reward hard work. Impact provides recent college graduates, experienced professionals, and anyone in-between a great opportunity to achieve great success.

Sales Consultant, Madison, WI


I began working at Impact 2 weeks after graduating college. The industry was foreign to me, but though I had little, if any experience in the world of selling, I knew two things: that I wanted to make peoples' lives easier, and that I wanted to work for a company that fairly rewarded me for my efforts. Impact Networking proved to do both of these things and more. I constantly meet with Owners, Presidents, CEOs, CFOs and Managers of small to medium sized businesses every single day; and, when I make a sale, a company-wide email written by the Vice President of Sales himself goes out to the entire sales staff recognizing my success — not to mention the commission checks. I work incredibly hard and put in more hours than most of my friends, but things like recognition from my superiors and peers, iPad giveaways, company paid trips and an incredibly fun team of people to work with make it all worth it. I knew little about the industry coming in, but Impact has sculpted me into an expert. The learning never stops, and neither does the chase. I am so glad I chose Impact when I took the leap into sales.

Northern Field Service Manager, Lake Forest, IL


My previous employer of 3 years, in the same line of business, told me when leaving them that I would not last very long being employed by Impact Networking. I laugh every time I think of my past employer...a company that wanted to remain in stone age technology and is now out of business! I was hired at Impact as a Field Service Technician and within 8 months, I was promoted to a Field Service Manager and have thoroughly enjoyed my now 7 years employment. If you want to work at a place with lots of opportunities, if you want to work in an exciting and encouraging environment, if you want to be challenged, then work here!

Senior Sales Consultant, Bolingbrook, IL


Impact Networking has become my extended family there is nothing I would not do for Impact. Together we have created an incredible lifestyle for my wife and daughter and helped me attain every dream I could imagine. We have traveled the world's most exotic destinations together as reward for my hard work. Our sales program is second to none with the potential for unlimited earnings the sky is the limit. Our product and service offerings paired together are unbeatable and truly help us build long lasting relationships with our clients. There is nothing better than seeing new young hard working reps come in and follow these same footsteps and reach their dreams. If you are willing to work hard and stay positive you have found your home at Impact. Thank you Impact partners and all sales support staff.

Accounts Payable Manager, Lake Forest, IL


I began working at Impact in 2012. When asked what my 5-year plan would be, I said it was to be the manager of my department. Impact has giving the necessary training and effort to make my goal into an achievement. It has been a huge accomplishment to see the growth the company has made and will continue to make. This is a dream job and I am glad I have been given the opportunity to share my experience and to continue to grow within the company.

How to get hired

Interested job candidates can browse our available positions and submit their application in our careers section. Qualified applicants will receive a follow-up call from one of our recruiters to set up an interview with the appropriate Impact Manager. For our Account Manager position, candidates will go through an initial interview with the location's sales manager followed by a ride-along day with an experienced Account Manager. After the ride-along, the candidate will be scheduled for a second and final interview with a company partner. We encourage candidates to reach out to our recruiters with questions throughout this process.

Opportunities for college students

Our Meet the Firm events are a great opportunity for college students interested or curious about a career in sales! The President of Impact Networking will be giving a presentation about Impact's company profile, corporate culture and career path.