Careers at Impact


Impact at the Northern Illinois University Career Fair

Impact Recruiters and sales staff attend the Northern Illinois University Career Fair in hopes of finding stand-out students interested in becoming part of Impact’s growing team. Students also share why they think Impact is a company they’d like to work for.

Impact at UW Whitewater Career Fair

The Impact Recruiting team heads to the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Career Fair to discuss job and internship opportunities with students, and share advice for standing out from the crowd.

Impact 2nd Annual Sales Competition

The Impact Sales Competition is held to mentor and develop students' skills who wish to pursue a career in sales. The competition gives students the opportunity to gain beneficial experiences and make meaningful connections to help further their future careers. This event puts their skills to the test by competing in cold calling and crafting the perfect sales pitch.

Impact Sales Competition

Over sixty students from four area universities gathered at Impact headquarters for this inaugural sales competition, which was considered a valuable experience by the students who attended, and by the Impact employees and executives that were able to participate.

Company History & Growth

Starting from a basement and four employees in 1999, Impact has relied on perseverance, innovation, and a commitment to excellence to become what it is today.

Impact Success Stories

Impact has a legacy of both individual and company-wide success that is perpetuated through our business model, our culture, and our local, go-to-market strategy.

What We Sell

Impact is committed to continuously evolving. While some of our product offerings and services have changed over time, our goal remains the same: provide business solutions that help you achieve your goals.

The Application Process

Learn about what we look for in candidates, how to get to know Impact, an inside look at our Meet the Firm event, the interview process and advice for candidates applying.

Account Manager Training Program

Learn from the best in the industry through our comprehensive in-house training program, which includes: business process, selling techniques, corporate communications, the latest technology, and more.

Workplace Environment

At Impact, we pride ourselves on a workplace that fosters professional growth, collaboration, and work/life balance.

A Typical Day as an Account Manager

A typical day for an Impact Account Manager is anything but typical. Learn how Impact Account Managers drive the success of our company day-to-day.

Corporate Culture

At Impact, culture is more than just a buzzword—it’s a pillar of the company.

Impact Explained

Wondering what makes Impact different? Our video series touches on what sets our company apart.