2015 DiamondClub Members

January 1, 2015

Impact Networking DocuWare DiamondClub Partner 2015
Impact Networking DocuWare DiamondClub Partner 2015

Diamond Club Members for 2015 in order of their ranking per region.

Once again we've surpassed previous years making 2014 the best year in DocuWare's history and I want to thank everyone for making that possible. To the 2015 Diamond Club Members, I want to congratulate you and look forward to your repeat membership. If you did not make the list, I also want to thank you for your efforts, and encourage you to contact your RSD or myself and we will put forth every effort to make sure you too can be a Diamond Club member.

The focus for 2015 will be "Leadership in ECM" and with our new products, features and continued growth there is no better time than now to do just that. I look forward to seeing who rises to the top of the list and I'm here to help those who want to succeed in doing just that.

Best of luck and good selling.
Steve Behm

North America

Impact Networking, LLC
Ricoh Business Solutions, Portland
Copier Fax Business Technologies, Inc.
ComDoc, Inc. - Akron
Toshiba Business Solutions, NY/MI-63
DOCUmation, Inc.
Atlantic Business Products
Toshiba of Canada Ltd.
Toshiba Business Solutions, COPI-EPA-95
eGennaker LLC
Ricoh Business Solutions, Malvern
Toshiba Business Solutions, TX/NM-57

2015 DiamondClub Members