Impact Service Technicians Engage in Innovative New Training Course

May 24, 2018

RICOH USA is now offering an innovative way to participate in their instructor-led trainings. It is called Telepresence Training and allows students to attend remotely from anywhere in the world. Recently, Impact Networking was able to take advantage of the opportunity by participating in the Production Plockmatic BM350 telepresence training. The actual training was conducted in New Jersey and Impact had two Production Technicians utilize the telepresence option from our Production Center in Peru, IL.

As part of the initiative, RICOH sends out a complete telepresence kit to the participants. This telepresence kit is complete with all the video conferencing equipment a remote technician needs, including cameras and a dedicated laptop, for thorough and detailed remote training, which allow the technicians to engage with a dedicated RICOH Instructor in real time.

With the telepresence kit, technicians can take advantage of the same quality of training they would in a classroom. Technicians can complete the training in a total of 15 hours. This time is completely devoted to product-specific training rather than on travel to and from the training. In the past, technicians traveled to New Jersey to complete the training in person at RICOH Production Print headquarters.

Impact Service Operations Manager Gary Warner shared his excitement at the convenience and ease of use of the telepresence method of training: “The telepresence training opens up a lot of avenues for us to become experts on the RICOH product line by enabling training to take place remotely. We gain expertise on the break/fix side, general tips and tricks, loading firmware, and becoming more familiar with the extensive capabilities of the machine.” Warner praises the telepresence method as extremely effective & efficient. “RICOH sends this telepresence kit out as a complimentary service to their preferred partners with absolutely everything we need to complete a training. We work with a dedicated RICOH Education & Knowledge Technologist who guides us through the entire process. It’s incredible to have all the benefits of an in-person training in a much more convenient package through the telepresence functionality.”

Plockmatic (on-line / off-line) booklet finishingThe Plockmatic BM350 production machine in Peru is an extremely useful workhorse in our production print arsenal. Its TCR (trim/crease/rotate) capabilities make it the go-to finishing production machine on which the vast majority of our booklets and marketing collateral are produced and provides this benefit to our clients that require high-quality booklets on demand.

Impact has enjoyed a robust RICOH partnership in recent years. In addition to the Plockmatic finishing products provided by Ricoh, Impact offers two other RICOH production machines and a wide variety of RICOH MFPs and desktop printers. The addition of RICOH to our portfolio has expanded opportunities for Impact to offer more diverse solutions to an ever-growing client base.


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