Brookfield Branch Named One of Milwaukee’s Fastest Growing Firms

July 17, 2018

Things have never been better for the Brookfield branch at Impact. They recently hosted a Summer Technology Showcase with record attendance, and have been named one of the Fastest Growing Firms in Milwaukee by the Milwaukee Business Journal. In a company that experiences consistent year-over-year growth, national expansion and increasingly innovative solutions offerings, the Brookfield branch continues to stand out as an example of excellence.

Discussions with Sales Managers Alex Kusters and Alex Zaban provided clear insights into the notable success of the Brookfield branch and indicated that the growth shows no signs of slowing down. They credit culture, both companywide and branch-specific, as a driving factor for their success. Kusters and Zaban use a winning combination of recognition and reinforcement to help improve job skills for individuals and their entire teams. This begins with consistent and individualized professional development based on the Impact Leadership Institute platform and insights specific to the branch’s needs. Professional development and clear expectations help foster a healthily competitive environment where every team member understands his or her role and potential for success at a growing company. The managers also highlighted the support they extend to their teams and the rapport and friendship that is established through team bonding events, cookouts, competitions and genuine camaraderie as a key to their success.

The sales teams in the Brookfield branch are comprised of some of the newest employees at Impact, and their tenacity is taking the branch to new heights. In addition to their placement on the Fastest Growing Firms list, Account Managers out of Brookfield are making names for themselves right out of the gate by winning internal companywide competitions for sales acumen. Whether it’s the success of an individual or the entire team, Kusters and Zaban do a fantastic job celebrating achievements and providing motivation.

Though they just recently won the Fastest Growing Firms award for 2018, the Brookfield teams are already laying the foundation to dominate the market in 2019. The branch recently completed a cold call blitz, in which over 100 Account Managers from throughout Impact focused on lead generation across the Milwaukee market. In addition, they will be having two technology events at Miller Park – home of the Milwaukee Brewers, a long-term Impact-sponsored team. The Brookfield branch is also gearing up for the Fall Technology Showcase, where they plan to break attendance and lead-generation records yet again.

With well-deserved recognition as one of the Fastest Growing Firms in Milwaukee, the Brookfield branch is poised for greatness. The culture and drive that has led their teams to this point has proven to be a winning formula for even greater success and achievement in the future.

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