Is Cyber Monday a Threat to Your Company?

November 7, 2018

Have you considered that Cyber Monday may be a direct threat to your company? Cyber Monday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, falling on the Monday after Thanksgiving and attracting millions of online shoppers with “deals” and “discounts.” In 2017, the National Retail Federation reported that 81 million Americans participated in Cyber Monday. This indicates that almost 24% of all U.S. residents participated in the shopping holiday. 

It’s safe to assume that many employees will be doing their online shopping during work hours, likely on a company-owned device and/or network. So, how can this affect your business? According to Zero Fox, phishing links go up as much as 336% around Cyber Monday. Phishing scams are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and employees shopping for a Cyber Monday “deal” become an easy target. If an employee were to click on a fake “deal” link or go to a false website, the malware attack would infect the employees’ device and the company’s network. Even for a company that implements a BYOD policy, phishing attacks can infiltrate the company’s network as soon as an employee connects.

The holiday season also leaves e-commerce and retail sites especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks. According to an analysis conducted by SecurityScoreboard, retailers continue to struggle with cybersecurity which can result in compromising consumer data that can have a lasting impact on customers.

Many small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) rely on the security system provided by their internet service provider (ISP), which sadly does not protect the company’s network from a phishing scam. SMBs need to put proactive security measures in place before a possible attack happens. According to RSA, more than 70 percent companies do not take any additional precautions in anticipation of increased attacks. 

So is Cyber Monday a threat to you company? The answer is 100% yes. Don’t fall victim to a cyber-attack this Cyber Monday, be sure to implement pro-active security measures. 

Learn more about cyber threats that could affect your business on Cyber Monday here. Or download our white paper on the Top Security Trends for Small to Mid-Size Businesses for a comprehensive look at what you can do to eliminate cyber risks:

Is Cyber Monday a Threat to Your Company?