Chicago's biggest job creators share their hiring secrets

November 15, 2018

With the U.S. unemployment rate at just 3.7 percent—and 7.1 million jobs open across the land—this is the most challenging time to hire workers in a half-century. Finance firms, health care providers, construction companies and logistics businesses all report desperate shortages of employees.

"We are in a war for talent," says Scott Sargis, president of headhunting firm Strategic Search in Chicago. "In many fields the demand for talent far outstrips supply." His advice: hire temporary workers and, if they perform well, be ready to convert them to permanent status. He also says the employee crunch will only get worse. "It's now the employee who is in the driver's seat."

Yet the fastest-growing companies around Chicago are finding the people they need. A Crain's survey of hiring by privately held companies finds that local employers are boosting pay, casting a wider net for candidates—maybe a university degree should no longer be a must—and offering better benefits to stand out in the marketplace.

Crain's Chicago Business