Employee Feature Videos

Employee Feature | Amanda Sleider

In her over a decade of experience at Impact, Amanda has both witnessed and experienced firsthand the potential for personal and professional development that is a hallmark of the company. Watch as Amanda describes Impact as the only company that has ever inspired her to pursue a meaningful and rewarding lifelong career. Because of her influence and under her leadership, the Contracts team at Impact has experienced incredible growth. In fact, in June 2018, the team broke the all-time monthly revenue record, in excess of $3 million. Amanda is extremely proud of the individuals on her team, and loves seeing the effects of their combined effort.

Employee Feature | Jon Evans

Watch Impact veteran Jon Evans define what success means to him in our latest employee testimonial video. Jon has been with Impact since 2007, and he began working with Impact in 2001, when Impact was a client of his prior company. As a Senior Solutions Architect, Jon has several unique responsibilities that require both technical expertise and the ability to maintain excellent client relations. He serves as a Kofax subject matter expert for Impact, guiding and managing project workflow from conception to completion, and ensuring that implementation meets client expectations. See Jon at #ImpactOptimize2018 for his presentation on robotic process automation!

Employee Feature | Brad Rozmarynowski

In our latest installment in our Employee Feature Video series, watch Impact sales veteran Brad Rozmarynowski share his secrets to success, and what has led him to make Impact his home for over 17 years. Part of his incredible success has come from his ability to see himself as part of a larger team, with each person playing a critical role. Through the years Brad has learned firsthand the importance of adapting to new situations while maximizing his role, and he has utilized this knowledge to help develop Impact into the powerhouse that it is today.