Inside the C-Suite Videos

Inside the C-Suite | Launching a Corporate Education Division with Ashley Carnes

As many leaders of fast-growing companies can attest, standardizing and maintaining global best practices across different locations and start-up teams can be a challenge. Ashley Carnes, Director of Sales Strategy, was tasked with starting a Corporate Education program at Impact. Learn more about how she tackled this new venture and hear her three-pronged approach to education in this installment of Inside the C-Suite.

Inside the C-Suite | Building a Technology Ecosystem for Digital Transformation with Frank DeGeorge

Impact implements every new solution internally before offering it as a solution to clients. This strategy helps us deeply understand the nuances of all technology offerings and best practices for integration into customers' environments. Impact CTO Frank DeGeorge discusses what he looks for when selecting a new technology partner for Impact and shares a few tips for other organizations to consider when evaluating potential technology investments to ensure stakeholder expectations are met.

Inside the C-Suite | Reinvesting Back into the Company with Frank Cucco

Frank Cucco, CEO, discusses his strategy for reinvesting back into the company, which has allowed Impact to go from a hardware-centric organization to a Managed IT, software-driven company.

Inside the C-Suite | Bringing Recruiting Efforts In-House with Cynthia Bennett

Recruiting - should you take it in-house, or outsource? That was the question Impact faced as rapid growth drove the need to quickly scale recruiting efforts. In 2018 alone, Impact hired 248 employees across the company. In this installment of Inside the C-Suite, learn from Director of Recruiting, Cynthia Bennett, on why Impact decided to take recruiting efforts in-house.

Inside the C-Suite | Leveraging Technology with Frank DeGeorge

In this video, Frank DeGeorge, CTO, discusses how Impact leverages technology to improve business operations.

Inside the C-Suite | Monthly Recurring Revenue with Frank Cucco

In this video series, Impact thought leaders will share their expertise on running a successful business, focused on continued growth. In this video, Frank Cucco, CEO, discusses how a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) strategy has fueled Impact's growth.