Ongoing Education

Account Manager Training Program

Extensive on-boarding prepares new hires for a successful sales career at Impact. This program extends to two additional boot camps throughout their first year. This period is equally about self-discovery of employee strengths and assimilating new hires into the Impact culture. General sales skills, equipment specs and the unique Impact value proposition are introduced in a 2-week training and reiterated throughout employment with an on-going training program. The Boot camp programs include seminars, lead generation skills, application classes, online coursework and one-on-one sessions with our corporate trainer.

General Sales Skills
Our corporate trainer teaches classes on general sales skills that include effective prospecting, cold calling, identifying the ideal opportunity, setting and conducting first appointments, building rapport with clients, understanding the competition, writing proposals, handling objections, understanding pricing and paperwork, and more. Employees are equipped with formal sales training before stepping into the field. All employees receive on-going training at Quarterly Meetings, complete three 2-hour training sessions each month on software & product demos, attend annual off site sales training class and participate in annual sales competitions.
Equipment Training
Every new hire spends two days at both Konica Minolta and Kyocera attending application class and gaining hands-on experience with each equipment model. Impact works closely with our manufacturers to stay up-to-date with the latest equipment developments. Our equipment partners often attend weekly sales training meetings and quarterly meetings to provide ongoing training to employees.
Impact Training
All sales representatives must be expert consultants for each of the six Impact departments in order to draft unique, cross-department client solutions. New hires will learn how this value proposition gives Impact a competitive advantage, provides additional benefit to clients, and what integrations are possible. For example: Creative Services Group can build a custom interface for a Strategic Services Software solution; Creative Services and Production Print can design and print personalized marketing pieces using variable data software; and that Document Printing and MPS can work together to increase workflow efficiencies within an enterprise. The VPs of Production Print, Strategic Services, Creative Services Group and Managed Print Services all teach a class on their respective departments.
Onboarding Training Program
  • New Hire Foundations Training - Four One-Week Classes Throughout New Sales Reps’ First 12 Months
  • Six Month On-the-Job Training Program
  • Senior Staff Mentoring
  • Equipment Training from our Manufacturers
  • Impact Solutions Classes Taught by Department VPs
  • Senior Rep Ride Alongs
  • One-on-One Cold Calling with Corporate Trainer
  • Service Technician Shadow Day
  • Online Equipment Training Course
  • Weekly 2-Hour Friday Sales Trainings
  • Annual Sales Competitions
  • Annual sD University Sales Training Seminar

Support/Technician Staff Training Program

Our Service Specialists also receive in depth training through a Service Boot Camp. During this training, they are exposed to copier theory including the history and basic principles of copiers, such as mechanical assembly and electrical boards. The specialists are also well informed on networking computers and drivers, both MAC and PC. Also covered are troubleshooting techniques frequently utilized in the field, for example, copier or image quality and jamming. Overall, the goal is to teach them to be most effective for a first call fix. Our specialists also work with our vendors to become certified and ensure complete customer satisfaction. This has lead to multiple certification, honors and awards that we have received from our partners, such as Konica Minolta’s Technician of the Month, Silver Seal of Excellence and Gold Seal of Excellence.

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