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Inside the C-Suite | Defining the Role of the CTO

A key role for any business looking to modernize is that of the chief technology officer; an expert who focuses on implementing and perfecting businesses processes within an organization and to customers. In this video, Impact’s own CTO, Frank DeGeorge, explains the role and why it's key for digital transformation.

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Inside the C-Suite | Cross Selling Accounts to Grow Revenue

Expanding service offerings presents not only opportunities to sell to more people, but according to Rick Ray, Impact General Sales Manager, creates unique opportunities to cross-sell to current clients. In this video, he shares strategies business leaders can apply to cross-selling, and how Impact has integrated it into its sales structure.

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Inside the C-Suite | Aligning Sales Comp Plans with Business Goals

A compensation plan can be a make or break factor in retaining and encouraging sales employees. Tom Pieters, Impact VP of Sales, introduces some of the factors business leaders need to consider when designing their comp plans and aligning these strategic goals with the greater aspirations of their companies.

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Inside the C-Suite | Increasing Employee Performance Through Accountability

How can business leaders ensure continued positive growth in their business? One important way, as explained by Impact President Dan Meyer, is by holding employees accountable. In this video, he breaks down some key benchmarks leadership should set and how to communicate them in order to maintain standards that will help employees achieve their goals.

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Inside the C-Suite | Creating a Culture for Digital Transformation

For any digital transformation initiative to be successfully integrated into a business, an organization needs buy-in from its employees. In this video, CEO Frank Cucco discusses what leaders need to do to encourage end user adoption of new tech and more!