Inside the C-Suite Videos

Inside the C-Suite | Creating a Culture for Learning

A learning business is a growing business, and as Ashley Carnes, the head of Impact’s Professional Development team, will tell you, it starts from day one. In this video, she shares some of the tools and steps her team uses to support employees through new and continued education.

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Inside the C-Suite | Automation in Finance

For any growing business to succeed at digital transformation, each of their departments should be engaged. Bryan Beckner, Impact CFO, discusses how Impact has utilized new technology and optimization tools to create a more organized, analytical finance department.

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Inside the C-Suite | Developing a Winning Sales Culture

Developing a winning sales culture has been critical in Impact's growth over the past 20 years as Tom Pieters, VP Sales, explains. Collaboration, incentives, training, and company goals help to propel Impact's sales team into the future.

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Inside the C-Suite | Retention & Tenure as a Business Strategy

Nearly 50 employees have been at Impact for more than 10 years. Why do they stay? Impact President Dan Meyer discusses the key to high employee retention and the benefits it has on multiple facets of the company in this week's Inside the C-Suite video.

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Inside the C-Suite | Investing in Digital Transformation

Learn why Impact decided to invest in digital transformation and how the organization has remained agile over the past 20 years.