Inside the C-Suite Videos

Inside the C-Suite | Scaling Recruitment to Match Growth

Simply put, for a business to grow, it’s necessary to invest in recruitment. Cynthia Bennett, Impact’s Director of Recruiting, breaks down how companies can build out their recruiting teams, and offers advice to recruiters for helping executive leaders find and develop top talent.

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Inside the C-Suite | Evolving Our Solutions Portfolio

Staying competitive in selling innovative solutions and technology is only part of Impact’s growth strategy. In this week’s C-suite video, CEO Frank Cucco breaks down the steps to launching solutions with the support and expertise of employees.

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Inside the C-Suite | Creating a Culture for Customer Experience

What puts one vendor ahead of the rest? World-class customer service experiences. President Dan Meyer discusses the components to focus on in creating a company-wide culture that emphasizes the importance of positive customer experiences.

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Inside the C-Suite | Creating a Culture for Learning

A learning business is a growing business, and as Ashley Carnes, the head of Impact’s Professional Development team, will tell you, it starts from day one. In this video, she shares some of the tools and steps her team uses to support employees through new and continued education.

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Inside the C-Suite | Automation in Finance

For any growing business to succeed at digital transformation, each of their departments should be engaged. Bryan Beckner, Impact CFO, discusses how Impact has utilized new technology and optimization tools to create a more organized, analytical finance department.