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We Adopted the DMAIC Methodology

Impact has built their Managed Print Services program based on the data-driven DMAIC methodology. We strive for continuous improvement for our clients.

Our first engagement with a client begins by defining the problem. Many times the problem is unknown printing expenses. Part of our process is to help organizations measure their document-related costs, so we can manage them. We then create a feasible goal for improvement.
Impact will install a DCA agent on the network to measure and report the output volume for all the company’s devices. We also observe employee behavior to see if their printing habits can be made more lean without shocking their culture or process.
We analyze data collected during the measurement phase and cross-reference against the output limits, capabilities and features of the devices. This is when we determine whether the device is in the correct location within the office and if the fleet is correctly sized. We determine total spend on documents – toner, paper, printing, storage, destruction, etc – and provide the client with one total number. We assess which of our solutions will improve the process, by how much, and work with you to create a target goal for a cost per page metric.
This is the implementation phase of our program. We design a solution comprised of document management and MPS solutions to improve your printing. We educate and train staff during the implementation on new equipment through our industry-proven onboarding program.
Sustaining the program is as important as initial implementation for success long-term. At quarterly reviews we evaluate any organizational changes or growth requiring solution modification. We are also launching a new program feature in early 2016 called “Proactive Monitoring.” More about this service is outlined below.

The Managed Print aspect is one facet of our total Workflow Assessment. Learn more about how your business can benefit from a total Workflow Assessment.


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