Print & Document Management

Expert Protection & Management

Preserving the information contained in paper documents depends on expert preparation and scanning. Both the equipment we employ and the newly built facility in which we house it demonstrate the most progressive and productive advancements available in scanning services and the document management industry.

Back file conversion

It's never been easier using the advanced technology available to Impact. Imagine you're a law firm litigating a decade-long case or a sales-driven organization whose customers remain loyal because you maintain historical immediacy to their accounts. Scanning your back files to create digital retrieval makes sense in any increasingly competitive business realm.

Impact uses the most efficient scanning hardware available to fulfill conversion needs. From smaller, faster desktop scanners to large industrial machines, Impact is equipped to convert nearly any document type and size.

Exceptional options

Utilizing small desktop models to wide-format scanners, Impact is prepared for the jobs you send us. Confronting a plethora of paperwork — from bills of lading to architectural renderings — businesses trust Impact to scan their jobs quickly, safely and efficiently.

Depending upon paper type and size, we remove staples, binding, paper clips and check for double-siding. Careful preparation ensures greater accuracy and more timely conversion.

Quality control

We check each document conversion project thoroughly for quality and accuracy throughout the scanning process. Each scan is verified at the time of the scan, during indexing and before we deliver the final product. The highest quality results.

Archival indexing

Creating a way to retrieve any one document easily, requires intuitive indexing. Impact works with your staff to establish a logical, empirical system. Impact relies on the latest technologies to faster and more accurately capture data, including DocuWare, SmartSearch, eCopy and Autostore. Our indexing process builds data structures tailored to each specific job. Impact also utilizes such useful technology as bar coding software to automate indexing, ensure accuracy and expedite a project's completion.


Many documents we scan are proprietary, off limits to only key employees. Perpetuating that paradigm, we treat every scanning job as though government classified. Impact scans all documents at a secure facility. Knowing your information is valuable and proprietary, we honor specific nondisclosure requests. Our thorough check-in/check-out process monitors and inventories our clients' documents in a secure and strict manner.

Service on- or off-site

Scanning backfiles is step one. Teaching a company to scan after we complete backfile conversion is the next step for many clients who, in going forward, elect to scan on site. They rely on Impact to recommend, tutor, serve and support digital scanners suited to accommodate intrinsic, in-house needs.


All documents we scan are fully accessible to you, the client. If, at any time, you need to view a file sent to us for scanning, talk to your project manager who will send it to you or make it available at our facility.


Impact will deliver your scanned documents in any media you request. Be it CD, DVD, cloud storage, portable hard drive or upload to FTP, we have the technology and expertise to address client's specific needs.

Document destruction

Once we complete digital document conversion, many customers no longer need the documents we scanned. Enlisting shredders offering various degrees of security, Impact will destroy scanned documents using high-volume paper shredders, offering a range of security levels. Impact ensures irreversible disposal.

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