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Determine the True Cost of Printing

Document-related expenses are one of, if not the largest, unmanaged expense for many organizations. Our Managed Print Services program uncovers hidden costs associated with printing while providing an ROI-driven improvement plan. The first step is to define all costs associated with printing and break it down to a simple cost per page metric. The next is to implement an on-going plan that will manage both the performance of the devices and the behavior of employees who print; to ultimately increase efficiencies and reduce costs.


Device measurement
Our Managed Print service begins with a site visit. This includes an analysis of how much the organization is currently printing and the nature of the prints. Are they black and white, or color? Single-sided or double-sided? We use a Data Collection Agent (DCA) to collect, measure and report device outputs.
User behavior
We also monitor user behavior as part of our site visit. We look for patterns of behavior that our services can mend. Are prints being left on the printer? Do any of these contain sensitive or confidential information? Are pages immediately thrown away once printed, because they don’t contain useful information?

Many business owners don’t understand how a simple change in their employees’ behavior can recoup large amounts of over-spending. Our software solutions put rules in place that enforce printing best practices— such as always printing double-sided and in black and white, or only printing the first page of an email chain. These types of rules help organizations reduce printing-related waste and save on the bottom line.


After we gather data from the initial site visit we perform an assessment that often includes the following solutions:

Right-sizing printer fleets
We may be able to save a client money by removing printers from the lease that are sitting idle and underused. When devices are underused, meaning they are able to print a higher volume of jobs than what is being routed to the device, the company can often down-size and save money on a more economical device. If it appears printers are over-worked, we may recommend an increase in the number of devices. Over-worked machines are prone to breaking, which is costly to repair and is also an inconvenience to workers.
Remap devices
The location of the devices in an office is important. The marketing department might need a high-volume color MFP while the admin might need a high-volume black and white printer for invoices. We find ways to remap devices throughout the office for optimal efficiency matching the capabilities of the device with the needs of the surrounding employees.
Rules based printing
This software put rules in place that automatically make it easier for employees to reduce their printing.
Label printing
Impact now offers Zebra label printers to our clients. Let us be your one-source vendor for MFPs and label printers.
Request a DCA download
Curious to see how much you’re printing? Request a download of the Data Collection Agent (DCA) to monitor device output. With this tool we can gain valuable insight into your networked devices with meter reads, service and supplies.


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