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Automate your office more fully and render it more productive. Impact provides best in class equipment, support, supplies and service, so your enterprise will operate more efficiently.

Better digital equipment means greater satisfaction and economy

We provide digital solutions for designing, integrating and supporting local area networks to ensure each office will operate smoothly. Our products are world class and our maintenance and support are unparalleled.

Our Account Managers begin by assessing the number of devices, their physical location in an office, the volume of device output, and whether the device is correctly matched for the task at hand before presenting you with equipment options for your office.

A high-performance color Multifunction Printer (MFP) with finishing and stapling capabilities may be appropriate for the marketing department; but not for finance. A high-volume black and white MFP, configured to stuff all printed invoices automatically into matching envelopes might be able to improve the efficiency of the Admin department, who can send out hundreds of invoices daily. The HR department may require an individual secure desktop MFP to print confidential information. Whatever the need may be, our Account Managers are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry—certified by both of our major equipment partners, this enables us to recommend the best device for the job at hand.

Each Impact Account Manager is empowered to make decisions in the field and trained to troubleshoot. Customers say this single line of defense—from point of sale to training to supporting each product we sell—impacts their own productivity positively.

Whether seeking hardware, software or both, you'll find the advanced programming and superior performance which competitive companies demand in digital office equipment.

We support our digital equipment clients with Managed Print Solutions, which focuses on providing you with an on-going commitment to create lean printing-related processes in your office environment. Learn more about Managed Print Services.

Beyond the implementation and on-going support of the devices, we work with organizations to build a Document Printing program. The Document Printing program can utilize MFPs to capture and route documents printed, scanned or copied onto the device, and turn it into an electronic document database that’s easier to file, search and retrieve, among many other benefits. Learn more about our Document Printing Solutions.

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