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Pro-active Monitoring

Impact is committed to providing a hassle-free environment for clients. To uphold this mission, we are rolling out a new automated monitoring program for supply replenishment and service alerts.

Automated meter reads
All network device information is submitted automatically to our billing and AR department without any client involvement.
2. Automated supply ordering
Eliminate on-hand inventory with our just-in-time supply fulfillment. Our program automatically sends parts and supplies to your organization, likely before you realize you need them. You no longer have to take up valuable office space for toner storage.
3. Pro-active service
Less than 5 percent of businesses have a proactive monitoring system in place for their printers. Impact is proud to offer this service to all of our digital office equipment clients as a value-add, at no extra charge.

Benefits of Pro-active Service

Reduction in downtime
Continuous monitoring software alerts Impact of any irregularities with a client’s device that can potentially turn into a problem. By catching issues early, we are able to fix problems before the device becomes unusable.
Less service trips
This software enables us to solve more issues remotely, saving clients the distraction and inconvenience of a service technician in your office.
Increase first call effectiveness
While other competitors emphasize their response time, we focus on first call effectiveness. This is the ability to solve the issue on our first visit to an office. Our software provides visibility into the client’s network remotely, so when we show up to the office we have an idea of what the problem might be, the necessary parts are on hand, and the problem is fixed before we leave the client’s office.
Optimal service scheduling
Knowing in advance when a machine will need service helps us schedule a maintenance visit that works with your schedule. We can work during slow periods as to not disrupt office productivity.


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