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Personalized High Quality Prints In-House

Organizations adapting to the realities of the digital era can now count on the Konica Minolta BizHub line to get them where they need to be. This digital press series provides quick and efficient printing of short run materials while still maintaining the color quality and throughput that keeps them competitive; all without the need to make or change plates required with offset printing.

Whatever your industry, you can count on Impact to deliver the most advanced in production print systems. Specifically designed to be powerful yet cost effective, BizHub PRO production MFPs offer a wide range of printing and data management solutions that keep your organization ahead of the curve. Plus, you get world class service and support from Impact Networking.

Through unique comprehensive assessments, Impact delivers world class end-to-end solutions; integrating hardware and software in complex environments for organizations in diverse markets.

Marketing materials on demand

Impact’s production print and wide-format document output machines allow businesses to print large format marketing materials in-house and on-demand on their own production print machine.

Printing marketing materials in-house combats the common problems experienced when outsourcing printing:

  • Increase in the cost per item for smaller print jobs
  • Inconvenience of having to wait days or hours to pick up prints; and working around the hours of the print shop
  • Materials that are thrown out due to dated information or expired promotional offers

The production print equipment is powered by advanced software that can improve business processes, save money and use variable data to deliver personalized experiences.

Benefits of printing marketing materials in house

Impress clients by bringing along a brochure that addresses only what that particular business is interested in, and nothing else.
Switch out marketing campaigns and pieces more frequently by not having to buy prints in large bulk orders.
Get your products in minutes without leaving the office. It will no longer take hours or days to pick up an order.
Print direct mail campaigns or other marketing materials that are personalized. We sell supporting software that can link up to a customer database to automatically print personalized marketing materials without any extra data entry. When used alongside our Marketing Automation solutions, clients can put together very targeted and personalized omni-channel marketing campaigns.
Process improvements
Improve entire processes by being able to print an invoice and a personalized cover letter at sales headquarters, add accounting copy from your accounts receivable department, generate a packing slip and shipping label at your warehouse and send an email confirming the order -- all from the same data stream you currently use to print invoices.
Less waste
As businesses evolve, so does their story. Marketing materials need to be updated frequently to reflect updated company information. Reduce the amount of obsolete documents that are gathering dust in the storage room that ultimately get thrown out.

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