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Advanced Cybersecurity Protection for Your Business

Partnering with Impact is Already a Step Towards Enhanced Cybersecurity Protection

Impact security awareness training, powered by KnowBe4, is now included in the CompleteCare program or can be purchased as a stand-alone cybersecurity solution. Coupled with our other security components, this will propel your organization towards true enhanced cybersecurity.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Solution Add-Ons

Once a foundation has been established, enhanced cybersecurity solutions and services can further mitigate risk for your organization. Impact Enhanced Cybersecurity solutions and services form a tightly-integrated blanket of IT defense. The primary aspects of this solution set include Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, and Security Awareness Training. These can be purchased as an add-on to CompleteCare or as a stand-alone service.

Vulnerability Assessment - Find the Vulnerabilities in Your Network

Vulnerability assessments scan the network and assess all the connected systems for known weaknesses. The assessment follows a short 3-step process.

  • Discover: Through a combination of interview questions and scanning tools, we determine what vulnerabilities exist within a given internal or public-facing network.
  • Remediate: Once these vulnerabilities are identified, we provide recommendations and corresponding project plans to remediate issues and help prevent breaches.
  • Rescan/Check: After remediation, follow-up vulnerability scans can be implemented to ensure that new vulnerabilities are mitigated shortly after they are introduced into your environment. Regular vulnerability scans are a key component of an effective enhanced cybersecurity strategy.

Penetration Testing - Practice Safe Network Breaching

Penetration testing attempts to actively and safely breach your systems to determine how outside attacks could potentially affect your organization. It builds the vulnerability assessment by determining how effectively identified vulnerabilities can be converted into dangerous scenarios for your organization. Additionally, this can identify systems which are prone to attack, but do not present themselves as such during a standard vulnerability scan.

Semi-regular penetration testing, security policy and compliance checks are recommended procedures during enhanced cybersecurity implementation.

Security Awareness Training (Powered by KnowBe4)

Cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and educating users about the presence and associated risks is an effective way to ensure that your organizational data is secure.

Security awareness training involves sending simulated phishing attacks to the users within your organization, detecting users who are prone to attack and providing automated training to improve their security awareness.

Training users to defend company data allows us to:

  • Provide you with a safer, more stable environment.
  • Introduce more predictability in what would otherwise be an extremely unpredictable security landscape.
  • Ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Impact security awareness training, powered by KnowBe4, is now included in the CompleteCare program or can be purchased as a stand-alone cybersecurity solution. Coupled with the other security components which the CompleteCare program provides, this will propel your organization towards true enhanced cybersecurity.

CompleteCare Cybersecurity Features

Partnering with Impact for CompleteCare Managed IT and Cloud Services is already a step towards enhanced cybersecurity protection for your business.

CompleteCare provides a crucial IT infrastructure security baseline with features including:

  • Deploying the latest security patches
  • Implementing the latest stable IT solutions
  • Verifying that an appropriate backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system has been provisioned, documented and tested
  • Installing and maintaining a centrally-managed endpoint protection solution
  • Leveraging vendor and software support agreements for critical applications
  • Ensuring that your environment has solid, reliable, business-class hardware covered by manufacturer warranties
  • Edge protection, including an intrusion detection system (IDS)
  • Zero-trust application access
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