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Documentation Portal

Standardized and Secure IT Documentation

All CompleteCare clients can access their network documentation and support procedures through an accessible, easy-to-use client web portal. Now passwords can all be stored in one secure place - including any embedded passwords and accounts that are not on your network (registrar, web host, etc.) All data is fully encrypted and only accessible via two-factor authentication. The document portal also seamlessly integrates with the Impact Network Control (INC) toolset, which allows for real-time updates of all assets.

This unique process-oriented approach allows for quick access and logical structure to storing and displaying your data. Clients are granted read-only access to all documentation via a secure web browser.

Gain the immediate confidence and trust that your IT assets and procedures are standardized, accessible and easily retrievable through our collaborative document portal powered by IT Glue. Encourage accountability, free brain-locked information and ultimately increase team efficiency with one dedicated place to view and retrieve all network and support information.


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HP Enterprise
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