Managed IT & Cloud Services

Impact CompleteCare Benefits

Predictable IT expenditures

Businesses benefit from having expertly managed IT services at affordable, fixed pricing. With our flexible monthly programs, clients can increase or decrease managed services as business needs evolve. This saves time and energy while reducing frustration.

Knowledgeable IT staff

Our team of multi-disciplined experts handle IT issues to complete satisfaction. When signing up with CompleteCare, clients have access to the knowledge and skillset typically only available to the enterprise business market.

Improved performance

CompleteCare is built around proactive management and maintenance to keep systems running at peak performance. Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) manages patches, updates, and security to prevent problems, while the robust monitoring system helps the team anticipate and correct problems before they happen.

Avoid costly downtime

Technology failures can cause havoc to business operations. CompleteCare’s Ongoing Monitoring notifies our team immediately of any issues, which we can correct within minutes. In the case of natural disasters that can halt or even end business operations, our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions get businesses back up and running in minutes.

Improve security

Verifying that all systems have the latest security patches and the network is closed from intrusions can be a timely undertaking. CompleteCare provides all the tools and resources to ensure that security is never compromised. Continual monitoring for security breaches and loopholes, and real-time alerting on these issues, allows our NOC to stay ahead of security risks before intrusions happen.

Improve visibility

CompleteCare Customers are assigned a personal vCIO to their team. The role of the vCIO is to provide executive level planning, reporting and detailing of the in’s and out’s of the network and technology. The vCIO ensures business goals are aligned with the available technology, and they provide a technology roadmap to plan for future additions and expenses.

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