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Our Secure IT Assets Product, IT Glue, is a customized, proven, best practices-driven IT documentation platform in which all MIT client information is stored. All of your data is fully encrypted and only accessible via two-factor authentication from Impact domain PCs. Clients have read-only access to all documentation via a secure web browser. Keeping all your MIT documentation in this database provides a secure, standardized way to document all aspects of your network.

The password vault and device tracking feature contains your logon credentials, SOP's, KB articles, support manuals, network diagrams and process documents, and seamlessly integrates with the INC toolset. This integration allows for real-time updates of all assets and their associated passwords. The vault also allows Impact to securely store all client passwords in one location-- including any embedded passwords and accounts that are related but that might not be on your network (registrar, web host, etc..). The unique process-oriented approach to the design of IT Glue allows for quick access and logical structure to the way the data is stored and displayed.


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