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Add 80+ New Team Members

When you sign up for Impact CompleteCare, you have 80+ new team members to help advance your IT infrastructure. Each CompleteCare client receives multiple levels of support with a dedicated account vCIO, Field Network Engineers and 24/7 support via Help Desk Network Engineers.

Our Field Network Engineers work with our clients on the initial setup and network configuration, and provide ongoing onsite support as needed. A dedicated team of certified IT help desk experts deliver proactive support via remote monitoring tools and instant responses to phone and email support requests. A dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) will ensure that your network evolves as your business grows, providing leadership planning, budgeting and roadmapping.

Network Operations Center (NOC) and Specialized Help Desks

The NOC houses our Help Desk and Maintenance Desk support teams, who use advanced remote monitoring tools to proactively monitor each of our client’s networks. We have four distinct help desks, each dedicated to supporting our clients with different network needs. Our Level 1 & 2 Help Desks are reactive resources for our clients who are experiencing an issue and need immediate attention. We also have a dedicated maintenance desk, dedicated to proactively supporting clients by utilizing remote monitoring tools to approve and install patches and updates to keep client networks performing without issue, and our Security Help Desk, which is dedicated to uncovering threats and helping clients stay ahead of them.

They all use the Impact Network Control (INC) software to resolve issues. If INC detects and alerts us to a problem, engineers will assess and perform basic troubleshooting and, in most cases, remotely correct within seconds without client intervention. INC monitors servers, routers, switches, firewalls, network connected devices and cloud services. Help Desk assistance is also available for client-initiated support requests via phone, email or our client portal.

Key Functions of the NOC

  • Reviewing INC system alerts and backup notifications.
  • Remediation or escalation of backup failures and INC critical alerts.
  • Acting as the first line of contact for all user-generated support requests.
  • Performing the initial diagnosis and triage for support tickets.
  • Scheduling and implementing patches and security updates.
  • Installing the latest line of business software updates.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

A vCIO is a real person assigned to each CompleteCare account that acts as the team lead, and becomes a strategic, proactive partner to ensure the network runs at optimum performance. This contact works as the primary Account Manager, and adjusts the workforce levels to keep service levels compliant.

The vCIO serves as a valuable member of the team that helps manage your IT infrastructure for the needs today, and plan for future investments. They continually evaluate whether the IT infrastructure is empowering you to achieve your business goals.

Key Functions of the vCIO

  • Serving as a dedicated executive technology liaison.
  • Working to define IT objects and planning technology road maps.
  • Planning and proposing additional onsite projects for improvement.
  • Conducting quarterly business review meetings.
  • Tracking assets and managing life cycles.
  • Assisting with the procurement of hardware and software.
  • License compliance reporting.
  • Managing vendor relationships.

Field Network Engineers

Field Network Engineers are certified subject-matter experts who are the core personnel that set up and configure your network once you sign on as a CompleteCare customer, and act as the second level of response when your business needs onsite maintenance or repairs. The Field Network Engineers are territory-based, which enables quick response times to user requests and development of rapid solutions to issues.

Key Functions of the Field Network Engineers

  • Providing onsite technical support for all issues that cannot be resolved by the Help Desk.
  • Performing proactive maintenance visits and regular checkup visits.
  • Creating and maintaining all client documentation.
  • Planning and implementing onsite IT projects.
  • Staying up-to-date on industry and vendor certifications.
  • 30-minute callback; 3-hour onsite once escalated.
  • 98% live-call answered directly by network analyst; no receptionist.
  • Normal support hours are 7am–8pm CST; 24/7 support available.

Impact Maintains Up-to-Date Certifications for Each Team Member. We Currently Hold Over 150 Certifications.

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