Process Optimization

Create a Relevant Framework

The way you display information is important — the way a user will access and process that data depends on it. Frame information in a way that’s relevant. Target specific audiences. Drive a more personalized and meaningful experience to users — and better address the needs of your clients.

A custom interface puts data into context for your users, and gives you control over their experience. Drive users toward a desired action or outcome by having our software application development team build a custom user interface for your solution.

Our development team builds intuitive and easy-to-use custom interfaces for a variety of software applications. We often help clients create applications for specific use cases that include integrating additional data sources via APIs or data feeds. Our custom reporting solutions help users effectively filter, segment, and manipulate data into meaningful insights.

Some of the features of our custom interfaces include:

Impact will create custom views specific to different industry needs.
Customize your business software for different departments to gather data analytics and reporting for marketing, sales, admin, accounting, etc.
If your business is licensing out multiple instances of proprietary software, we can offer custom views, access levels, and update it with company branding.
Impact can build collaborative elements into a custom interface so users can share documents in real-time in a secure space.
Reporting Views
Our team can build custom interfaces that offer targeted reports relevant to a specific audience.

Some of the systems we’ve built custom interfaces for:

  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence Software
  • Document Printing Software
  • ERP Systems
  • Employee Intranets
  • Asset Management & Inventory Tracking Software
  • Real Estate Property Tracking Software

Case Studies