Process Optimization

One Working System

Every office environment infrastructure is unique. There are thousands of available software applications available— some combinations will not integrate perfectly out of the box. Our team can take data from several fragmented databases and integrate them into one working system. Provide visibility into your organization, reduce manual data entry and automate business processes with our custom integration offerings.

At Impact, we design, implement and support all of the solutions that we offer. If we don’t believe that our solutions will integrate right out of the box, we are up-front about the possibility of enlisting the help from someone on our software integration team.

Our team in-house that can build custom code to integrate our software with your existing business software—an ERP, CRM, or even a mobile application. We are certified in all of the solutions that we offer and have extensive experience with the integration process. We can get systems up and running in a short turnaround.

Benefit: Automatically route orders
Integrate accounting and logistics software with custom front end programming so that when an order comes, it can automatically get feed to both systems for delivery faster routing of orders.
Benefit: Cross-company visibility into company financials
Connect accounting software across multiple locations to cut down on order entry error, relieve redundant data entry and cut down on time to delivery for customers.
Business Intelligence Data
Benefit: Pull in multiple data sources to create a powerful insight into business performance
Move data stored in one system, such as an accounting, payroll or ERP system, seamlessly into a business intelligence and analytics software.
Have the ability to identify trends, outliers, and use a tool to analyze data in a more powerful and meaningful way by having our systems engineers build a custom script to move data from point A to point B without having to manually pull or re-enter any data multiple times.
Marketing Data
Benefit: Get a singular view of the customer and their journey to purchase. Gather valuable analytics that can improve marketing performance. Add personalization to your marketing campaigns.
Customer data sources are becoming increasingly available and abundant. The ability to integrate customer data in one database to develop one singular customer view is becoming increasingly more important in the age of marketing personalization. In our design and marketing section, you can learn a little bit more about the importance of recognizing and understanding the customer journey is for building a better marketing program.
Our team helps marketing departments unite all marketing data in one system— oftentimes in a marketing automation platform. Take for example an online retailer. Data is collected in their shopping cart, purchase history, website engagement and behavior analytics, email marketing program, CRM system, online advertising analytics, from mobile apps, web forms and signed-in users, social media insights— and all this data is stored and fragmented across many different systems. The first step to analyzing all this data is bringing it all together in one location. Our database integrators can help set up custom scripts and APIs that can get marketing data where it needs to go in order to provide the insights you need to propel your marketing efforts.

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