Process Optimization

The Journey to Done, Matters

When you commute, you have options. On a navigation system you can select the quickest route, shortest route and whether or not to avoid traffic, tolls or highways. If you find yourself stuck in a jam, you might start wondering if another way would have been more efficient. When accomplishing day-to-day business tasks, there is a similar philosophy. Your organization has processes in place that get the job done, but we can tell you if it’s the leanest and most cost-effective way to do it.

Eliminate Manual Process

We look at the way organizational processes exist currently in an office during our workflow assessment, and guide you to the most efficient route to completion based upon your strategic business goals.

Impact analysts realize that every process is a potential cost-saving opportunity. We see most inefficiencies arise when mission critical processes are heavily tied to hard-copy documents. Hard-copy documents result in tedious manual labor that increase the probability of error. Documents tend to get lost or misplaced, and take longer to search for, file and store. Technology can be used to define, control and automate processes. One way our team improves processes is by implementing automated workflows that mimic manual processes. Eliminate errors by implementing a consistent and standard process. We can leverage real-time in-the-field data capture that can automatically route documents to the correct people in the organization. Another way is by replacing redundant data entry tasks with software.

We then work with key contacts to implement a solution that adds value to your organization, whether it’s geared toward increasing productivity, increasing profits, reducing costs — or all three.

Impact Advantage

We aren’t a manufacturer, and we pride ourselves on that. We have certified experts with experience in many implementation scenarios. Our team is trained to look at your needs first, and then design a custom solution from our suite of products, custom software integrations and custom interface solutions to best address your organizations needs.

Processes we’ve helped improve:

  • Order to Cash Cycle
  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
  • Customer Service
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Financial and Transactional
  • Repair Order Automation at Car Dealerships

Case Studies