Process Optimization

Discover Inefficiencies in Your Workflow

Any time we engage a client for our business process automation and/or document management solutions, we start with a workflow assessment. This assessment provides the foundation for our Business Analysts in order to create an optimal document and business process improvement strategy and solution. Our analysis identifies the financial and operational impact of document and data related processes. The workflow assessment is largely tied to documents because documents initiate the majority of processes within a business.

This painless and non-intrusive process takes about one hour per 50 employees. Our team also studies the way that data is extracted from documents and how it moves throughout an organization. We identify opportunities to replace manual data entry with technology and reallocate the time spent on low-payoff activities to those that are business crucial. We also study whether the data that is being collected can then be leveraged for additional business improvement activities, such as our business intelligence solutions or marketing automation solutions.

Critical steps include:

  • Identifying input and output of current documents. (Consult our Managed Print Services for more information about this step of the process)
  • Studying workflow and interviewing key participants
  • Watching hands on a keyboard to determine how users work through tasks
  • Benchmarking current costs of working with documents in electronic and traditional format
  • Reviewing results to assess their operational impact
  • Customizing and implementing a compelling solution

Can your organization benefit from a workflow assessment?

Do you find the following rings true throughout your organization?

  • Redundant manual data entry? (I.e. Entering the same data into multiple spreadsheets, databases, etc.)
  • Spending a significant time searching for data or documents in hard copy format, digital format, or both?
  • Delays in approval processes because documents are getting bottlenecked?
  • Lack of visibility into processes and unable to recognize bottlenecks?
  • Excessive time spent sorting through large amounts of information to locate what’s relevant?
  • Inability to deliver exceptional customer service because staff can’t find or access the appropriate information they need fast enough?

Our workflow assessment can organize all your document related expenses into a line item on the balance sheet. We then use this information to create a new and innovative solution to reduce administrative expenses and streamline operations in your organization. Read more about our process improvement.

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