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Prysm 98 Prysm 98

Visual Workplace Solution


Transform your workplace with the Prysm 98 Visual Workplace Solution powered by the Prysm Application Suite. Prysm Visual Workplace Solutions deliver powerful features with an interface that’s as easy to use as a tablet. Packed with tools that bring together people, content and ideas, they display streaming video, web apps, documents, presentations, images and inputs from laptops and mobile devices with a simple tap. Size, position and annotate any content on screen through the touch interface. Mirror up to ten Visual Workplaces to extend real-time collaboration across multiple sites. With Prysm Visual Workplace Solutions, you’ll streamline workflow, increase productivity, accelerate decision making and change the way you work – forever.

Target Applications

Room Types
Demo Centers
Conference Rooms
Training Rooms
Room Size
Medium Rooms
6 – 12 People

Specs Summary

Display Characteristics
Display Resolution 3840 x 2160 Pixels
Refresh Rate 100/120 Hz
Max Input Resolution and Frame Rate 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz
Total Pixel Count 8.3 million
Display Active Area 85.0 in x 47.8 in x 97.5 in
Display Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
Display Color >1 billion colors, 10 bit data path
Panel Contrast Ratio 1170:1
Direct LED Backlight Illumination
Response Time 8 ms. (typical)
Ideal Viewing Distance 3 – 40 ft.
Display Dimensions 87.4 in x 50.2 in x 4.6 in, with handles
Chemically-Strengthened, Gloss 60, 6H hardness Cover Glass
High-Resolution IR Touch Type
12 Simultaneous Touch Points
Sub-pixel Touch Resolution
Touch Update Rate >100 fps
Touch Latency 10 ms.
Touch Accuracy 2.7 mm (0 mm with 10mm stylus)
Two Rear Facing 10 W Speakers
Application Appliance
NVIDIA® Quadra® K1200 Video Output
4x HDMI 1.4a Video Capture/Input1
Intel® Xeon E3 Processor
256 GB SSD Storage


Awards and Certifications

ImageSource Magazine
Konica Minolta