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Document and Process Management

After a workflow assessment, our team will consider which software would best meet the needs of the client, including any custom configuration within the solution or integration with Enterprise or CRM systems.


Docuware Diamond Club 2019

Integrated Document Management — The DocuWare document management system is state-of-the-art software for integrated document management. It can automatically process any type of document regardless of its source, with internal control procedures that help you meet audit and compliance requirements. DocuWare imports them, classifies them, adds a fulltext index and makes them available for onward processing.

DocuWare is state-of-the-art document management system software for professional Enterprise Content Management. By tapping into the valuable information contained in documents, precisely where and when you need it, you can streamline your business practices.

DocuWare automatically files documents based on your criteria, regardless of their source or format. This means that both paper and electronic documents such as correspondence, records, email, CAD, spool files and more can be stored, shared and managed, simply and securely, from a centralized document pool.

DocuWare meets all requirements for integration into an existing IT environment, and supports the standards and procedures found in office and enterprise-wide systems.

Additional records management features ensure that access to documents is secure, controlled and logged at all times. With enhanced workflow functionalities, web access, and universal integration features, DocuWare provides all the tools you need for efficient Enterprise Content Management.

Power users appreciate the scope of functionality, administrators the affordability and ease of use.

  • DocuWare Professional
  • DocuWare Enterprise
  • Document Workflow



Kofax dramatically transforms and simplifies the business critical First Mile™ of real time, information intensive customer interactions. By making the First Mile smarter, organizations can significantly increase responsiveness to customers, provide a higher level of service, gain competitive advantage and better manage and grow their businesses—while also greatly reducing operating costs. The backbone “systems of record” that run most businesses were never designed to provide the high level of interactive self-service, speed, awareness, collaboration and adaptability necessary to thrive in the age of today’s connected, fast-moving customer.

Business Process Management

Kofax software then initiates and executes the downstream processes needed to collaborate with customers to resolve inconsistencies, capture missing or trailing information, obtain approvals or send it to the appropriate system of record. This includes the ability to automate unpredictable, loosely structured processes that are subject to change. With Kofax, everyone is more informed for faster, better decisions.

Process Intelligence & Analytics

By combining discovery and monitoring capabilities with rich business intelligence and data integrations tools, Kofax process intelligence and analytics software provides business operations visibility in a single, unified solution. You can quickly analyze and act upon information to ensure compliance, reduce risk and gain real-time insights that help achieve operational excellence.

Information Integration

Kofax automates the acquisition and integration of information, especially from websites and portals, to an organization’s business applications—all without manual coding. Our software accelerates the process by accessing hard to reach data and files from disparate sources and connecting the information to enterprise applications through APIs that make it easily accessible, regardless of where it resides.


ayfie provides leading search and text analytics solutions for legal, compliance, finance, healthcare and media. 30 years of research and experience in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science have gone into our products. Using this knowledge, ayfie has created a unique platform that combines best-in-class search technology with an innovative text analytics engine to deliver efficiency and better insights from unstructured data to businesses in all industries.

ayfie's products are module-based, allowing organizations to craft the exact solution they need. Whether you need natural language-driven text analytics, a high-performing enterprise search engine, intelligent predictive search, enhanced regulatory compliance or an end-to-end content insight suite, ayfie can help you achieve the results you want. If you need to understand your unstructured content better, you need ayfie.

  • Unlock unique insight and value from unstructured content spread across multiple systems
  • Help employees find information they need, regardless of file location, format or language
  • Ensure compliance with key regulations, including GDPR
  • Guide knowledge discovery by delivering human-like understanding of entities and core topics
  • Extract entities, such as people, locations and times, and offer them as suggestions and drill-down options
  • Power enterprise workflows to speed innovation and eliminate non-value-add work

Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune is the only independent provider software solutions for document lifecycle management in the market place, covering needs from entry-level to enterprise-wide applications with the ability to seamlessly upgrade users all the way to the top. Objectif Lune became the first in the market to provide entry level to enterprise applications for one-on-one VDP, document composition, business process automation, mail sorting and preparation and document capture.


PlanetPress Suite is a professional software solution allowing organizations to maintain and grow their customer base by adding value to business documents and distributing them in a format that best suits the recipient preferences. Its ease of use, affordability and open architecture make it the perfect solution to quickly and easily enhance, produce and distribute business documents with relevant content that will be sure to capture the reader's attention and get the message across.

Document layouts can be modified at will and printing can be done using simple white cut-sheet paper. PlanetPress Suite connects to any existing host server, ERP or application in order to generate reports and produce documents with total flexibility, with no complex programming or consultation fees. Data from any source can be merged and filtered, barcodes and OMR marks can be added to existing documents, to create ready-to-mail and ready-to-archive documents.


PrintShop Mail Suite is a standalone variable data printing composition tool, easy to use for beginners with advanced capabilities for experts. It optimizes (Variable Data Printing) VDP production process by minimizing set-up time and maximizing printing speed. With PrintShop Mail Suite, merge any design with any database and print onany printer, now from anywhere around the world with PrintShop Mail Web as a central production server.

PlanetPress Capture

PlanetPress Capture brings the order-to-cash cycle to digital speed by capturing what is written on any transactional document instantaneously. Central data systems, ERP or other, are updated with the relevant information in real-time. Follow-up business processes, like the printing or emailing of an invoice, can be triggered instantly. The sooner you send out an invoice, the sooner you get paid! With PlanetPress Capture, you get digital accuracy and speed without changing the way you work!

NSi AutoStore

AutoStore is a server-based application which orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications. It is well suited for organizations of all sizes, which want to eliminate error prone manual document handling. Whether you're handling invoices, claims, applications or order forms, AutoStore can automate your document driven business processes to lower costs, improve operational efficiency, communication and collaboration, and support compliance with laws and regulations.

NSi™ Mobile

NSi™; Mobile is a productivity app for businesses and organizations in need of extending business processes to their mobile workforces. With NSi™ Mobile, remote workers can securely send documents, photographs, and other electronic files to their accounting, healthcare, ERP or any number of other business applications. What's more, NSi™ Mobile provides mobile workforces with the flexibility to complete business forms on their device, virtually eliminating the need for paper-based forms used today. And for teams working in the office, NSi™ Mobile offers a secure means to "on-demand" print sensitive documents to a network printer.


PaperCut offers functionality for tracking and controlling printing. Printer control features simple to use, yet provide the power needed for flexible administration. PaperCut's print accounting and print management software's a cross-platform print control software available, providing full support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell network environments.

Key features for education at a glance:

  • Control print quotas, or charge for printing.
  • Track and budget employee printing by faculty or department.
  • Simple installation - starts working immediately.
  • Directory integration with automatic user account creation.
  • Simple web-based administration for office staff.
  • Automatic scheduling of credit/quotas.
  • Solutions for managing wireless laptop printing.

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