Why is Culture Key to Digital Transformation?

April 5, 2019

When it comes time for a company to implement new business processes to fuel digital transformation, there are key steps that need to be taken in order to ensure success – such as purchasing new technology, automating processes and enforcing new policies. However, one overlooked step, that may be the most important, is implementing a culture of digital transformation.

By nature, digital transformation disrupts the status quo by applying modern digital solutions and technology to enhance a business’s capabilities. Therefore, it’s important stakeholders and business executives create a culture that fosters digital transformation. The first step is to create a cohesive vision for how the new processes will coexist with existing processes. From there, it is critical that a transition plan is put in place, and top executives are in full support. In addition to the support of executives, key users from each business sector should also be engaged so they are included in defining the culture of digital transformation for the organization. If key users are involved in the rollout process, they can champion organizational change amongst their peers and ensure the strategy is in-line with each department’s workflow and goals.

When beginning to work with the day-to-day users of technology and processes that are being changed, it is important to identify their areas of need.

  • What do the current systems and processes allow?
  • What do they hinder?
  • What workarounds are currently used to facilitate their day-to-day work?

Once these questions are answered, the digital transformation leaders in a company can prioritize and address these areas appropriately.

How to create a culture of digital transformation?

Creating a culture around digital transformation initiatives isn’t easy. Impact Optimize2019, a conference focusing on Digital Transformation for small to midsize businesses, includes multiple breakout sessions and demos dedicated to helping executives take the steps necessary to create a digital culture. See session details below:

Creating a Culture of Digital Transformation

In this session, attendees will learn what it takes to grow and digitally transform a business from the ground up. Attendees will walk away understanding the type of culture it takes to empower digital transformation, as well as the steps necessary to foster the culture including:

  • How to get employees to embrace change.
  • How to get employees to bring more innovation to their roles and the company.
  • How to get your employees to adopt an agile business approach.

Brainstorm Learning Management System Demo

Get a look at the backend functionality of a learning management system. Learn how to build learning paths, manage employee learning objectives and track performance. 

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Why is Culture Key to Digital Transformation?